iMachining זמן חיתוך: 28 שניות!!! חיסכון של 80%

..cutting this part in 20 min with your CAM system and I’m cutting it with iMachining in 6 min. SolidCAM 2.5D, HSS and, obviously, highlight iMachining - they could not believe what I show them on the screen!


...השתמשנו ב-iMachining 3D בשביל עיבוד גס תלת מימדי והלקוח פשוט נדהם מהתוצאות

..completely different level in toolpath generation than competitor CAM and iMachining has the unique Technology Wizard

...customer very excited with successful iMachining trial -60% cycle time reduction and increase in tool life at first attempt.


..we talked to owner about iMachining - he said that he has heard that we have a module that does “miracles” but he is skeptical.



...בעזרת iMachining צמצמנו את זמן החיתוך ל-55 דקות. ללקוח לוקח בדרך כלל יותר מ-4 שעות לחתוך את אותו החלק בדיוק...

SolidCAM China reports 75% time savings with 3D iMachining against Competitor CAM on Makino CNC machine

...He saw our online video of iMachining and was very enthusiastic.

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